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Re: OT--FS300 Footswitch Wiring

> > did you keep the diodes that were in it?
> I never removed any parts (!)
> Oh--that's very different.  Guess I'm not as smart as I thought--
> I'm not sure what to do now.
> Gary

that certainly explains the weird behavior...
if you never removed the original wiring,
then you should just be able to remove the
resistors you added and be back to square one.

of course, i think you should try it on your edp
with the diodes removed, but that's just me.
i like those big, metal click-clacking buttons.

speaking of which, i have noticed that you can hear
them click in the loop if you are using a microphone
that is pointed towards them (i have heard it when
looping congas) i am thinking about trying a sustain pedal
as a record button.

p.s. everyone is as smart as they think...