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Re: Sound cards (core2)

> Hi, Pat.
> I'm using that Lexicon card on almost everything since February 2000. I
> found it great, it has only some little bugs in its drivers. (Please
> everybody write lexicon to remember them that the Athlons are equal to or
> better than Intels.) The drivers have some bugs (read the read.me of the
> various driver updates), they are non 100% compatible with AMD processors
> and motherboards. I'm currently using it in a Duron machine, and I have 
> it for a year on a PII 266, and I find it great, expecially the dbx 
> on the analog ins. I've even used it in a studio and with almost every
> program existing for the Win98 O.S., and I've got great results.

Alas, writing to Lexicon will not help. I contacted them to find out about
Win2K or NT support, and they (not very nicely) told me they have no
intentions of providing support for any Lexicon desktop audio product, and
that they were pulling out of that market. Even the multi-thousand dollar
Core32/PC90 setups. Sob. I figured 4 in 8 out, 24/96, with spdif for less
than 200 was way too good to be true.

On another note, I recently grabbed an M-Audio Delta 44, and it's very
very nice. Very, very, very, very nice. In fact, I didn't realize one of
my mixer's preamps was compressing and clipping until I switched. And the
software mixer is genius. And the ASIO drivers are glitch-free and under
30ms latency even with the win2000 WDM hell. Endorse, endorse, endorse. In
fact, I want to add a 66 to my setup for 8 in/out plus spdif...