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Re: Sound cards (core2) and Rant

On Mon, 12 May 1997, noah wrote:
> ...they were pulling out of that market. Even the multi-thousand dollar
> Core32/PC90 setups. Sob. I figured 4 in 8 out, 24/96, with spdif for less
> than 200 was way too good to be true.

Sigh.  That does make me sad.  I'm a big fan of Lexicon's stuff and was 
hoping to try their Core system some day.  Guess not.

On a related note...  Am I the only one that thinks 4 ins and 8 outs is 
backwards?  My logic being that using your sequencing software of choice 
(cakewalk, cubase, whatever) you basically have a multitrack recorder.  I 
mean, that's the point, right?  So  who would buy an x-track recorder 
x is some large number depending on your software) if it only had 4 ins?  
It'd be nice to be able to record more than 2 musicians (stereo) at a time 
after all.  Hell, I can concieve using more than 4 mics on the drums alone.

And it's not just the Lexicon.  Most cards I've seen have 2 or 4 ins with 
some ungodly number of outs.  What gives?  I want inputs damnit! ;)  All I 
really need as far as outputs is line level stereo.  What am I going to 
spray the outgoing signal into a DAT, speakers, headphones, MiniDisc, a 
effects chain, external mixer, tape deck, and my blender all at one time?  
sure, I could drop it to 8track tape, but what's the point?  I've already 
it on disc.

Hear me manufacturers of the world!  Build a card that has 8+ ins and 2 
and I will buy one maybe two.  Furthermore, just to keep you in business, 
I'll try my damnedest to convice 1000 people on the street to buy one as 
well. :)

Whew, that's been sitting on my chest for a long time. :)