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Re: Sound cards (core2) and Rant

> On a related note...  Am I the only one that thinks 4 ins and 8 outs is
> backwards?

8 outs gives you send buses for outboard gear. (Incidentally, this involves
a manglier A/D conversion than the resample on a Soundblaster, but again,
you probably won't hear it, especially if you just do a wet out)

I beleive that playback is also less intensive than recording, and D/A
converters are cheaper to create than A/D which is why so many early sound
cards threw tons of outs at you but few ins. Just speculation though.

I'm working on multiple ins, for my looping gear, and to record dry as well
as wet ones at one time (for processing after the fact). I could easily eat
up 8 separate inputs for my chapman stick without patching in any of my
studio gear, or without being greedy.