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WOT Re: Sound cards

> P.S. for the S.B. Live question. Have you all ever tried to use it with
> drivers? For an amateaur or for game playing that is a great card, you
> even try to use it with Sound Fonts, and get great results, but don't try
> use it for VST2.0 virtual synths in real-time under cubasis or cubase 
> Beside, where the heck are the features announced from Creative Labs on
> Liveware 3? They announced Dinamic Memory Allocation for the sound fonts.
> where is it?

There are freeware programs that can do that. Megafont, I think it's 

Interesting that you would feel that the VST synth don't work on it. I was
told that the card has super low ASIO latency. I've never tried it myself.