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Re: WOT Re: Sound cards

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From: "Jon" <jonathan@full-moon.com>
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Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 2001 5:43 AM
Subject: WOT Re: Sound cards

> > P.S. for the S.B. Live question. Have you all ever tried to use it with
> > drivers? For an amateaur or for game playing that is a great card, you
> could
> > even try to use it with Sound Fonts, and get great results, but don't
> to
> > use it for VST2.0 virtual synths in real-time under cubasis or cubase
> > Beside, where the heck are the features announced from Creative Labs on
> > Liveware 3? They announced Dinamic Memory Allocation for the sound
> > where is it?
> There are freeware programs that can do that. Megafont, I think it's
> Interesting that you would feel that the VST synth don't work on it. I 
> told that the card has super low ASIO latency. I've never tried it 
Dunno if I did something wrong in the setup, but Cubase (and Cubasis) give
me a very long latency time. 300-400 ms of delay in the beginning of the
note. God it is a longer time than my first analog delay unit...
Instead, I tried it with an old version of the DSP/FX and it went great. 
time was really short.
P.S. The only drivers for a Creative I found even on the Steinberg site are
for a generic AWE32/64.No Asio.
And don't even think to look in the Creative or the Soundblaster site. They
are only full of "how good is our hardware... You can play sorround music 
it...(bullshit, there is no software on windows that permits to do this and
with the drivers you get with the card all of your programs don't see the
second output). I think that this is only a commercial choice, as they also
sell the EMU ASP, basically a soundblaster live with (perhaps) better A/D
and D/A, at almost 2 times the price of a Live Platinum. And the EMU
LiveDrive (don't know how it is actually called) is a bit worse than the
LiveDriveII.Now I'm using the Lexicon for everything audio, and the Live
only for the SoundFonts and some older dos audio softwares (long live
FastTracker and Impulse Tracker)