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Re: Sound cards

We use a core2 for multitracking audio in my studio. The early drivers were
rubbish but it's rock steady with, (i think) version 2.1. The sound quality
is exceptional and with the dbx circuitry in operation and recording at
24bit depth it is EXTREMELY difficult to clip your recordings.
Bad points are:
The lexi mp100 daughterboard configuration is mighty convoluted.
Unbalanced ins and outs, (though I've not had a problem with interference).
The breakout box is rather cheap looking being close to 1/2 u rack but not
quite- silly.

Generally though, I'm very pleased with it.


> I noticed the posts regarding sound cards-
> I recently bought a Lexicon Core 2 card for my new PC that is on order.
> Anybody have one of these that wants to share their ups n' downs with 
> card?
> thanks, pat
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