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RE: Sound Cards

I stand corrected.  It was _Hotter_Than_July_ that I was thinking of.
For 1980, I'd say it sounds pretty darn good.  I guess I'm not the only
on who thought so; it was Stevie Wonder's first platinum album.  I
searched for info on this album, but all I could find were reviews for
the 24-bit remasters.  Go figure.  My point is, you can still record
good music on a low-quality sound card.


> >i find that hard to believe  - - that album came out in . . . 1976.
> maybe it was another stevie record.
> >stig
> >>If I remember correctly, Stevie Wonder recorded
> _Songs_in_the_Key_of_Life_ on a very
> >>early digital recorder.  Does anybody know what the bit
> frequency was
> >>on that gear?

           Ry Cooder's Bop Til You Drop was the first major-label
1979) record to be recorded digitally. As far as I know, there was no
looping on it!, but it is a great sounding LP. Sorry, not sure of the
on that though...