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Loopers Delight Web Radio

I'm off to New Zealand for two weeks and won't be doing anything 
myself with the Loopers Delight radio station on Live365. However, 
several other list members have expressed interest in uploading 
material and collectively managing the station.

If you have any interest in participating in this, just speak up and 
presumably the social dynamic take care of the rest. As far as I'm 
personally concerned, the present state of this endeavor is one of 
benevolent and inclusive anarchy. Other forms of organization may 
evolve, but as one of the Founders <G> of the station I say, "Let the 
games begin!"

Richard Zvonar, PhD                     zvonar@zvonar.com
(818) 788-2202 voice                    zvonar@LCSaudio.com
(818) 788-2203 fax                      zvonar@well.com