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pelt? WHICH pelt????

pelt are pretty much always amazing, but you can never be sure which 
version of pelt you're gonna see... they have many moods & stylings, and 
their capabilities are vast & pretty astonishing...

tono-bungay have had the supreme pleasure of splitting many a bill w/ pelt 
- the first time we ever saw them was at (the late, VERY lamented) 
astrocade a few years back. they did a soundcheck that indicated a sort of 
we're thinking, "this seems pretty out there."

they finished the check and repaired to the rear of the space where they 
then proceeded to immediately throw down the most incredible, totally off 
the cuff, stone-trad bluegrass jam session. completely authentic, and very 
casual... just for relaxation, i guess. don't think i've ever seen such an 
abrupt change of stylistic clothing, musically speaking, literally in the 
twinkling of an eye.

on another occasion we were back in philly, this time at the khyber pass, 
when pelt churned out a set that was firmly classifiable as industrial, 
REALLY scary... making waxtrax seem like "K" - (i had to take cover 
backstage!) i began to get the feeling that these guys really can do 
anything they want...

an impression which was further reinforced when we split the bill w/ them 
at transmissions oo2 in c'hill- where they did nothing for, oh, an hour 
25 minutes but a continual bowed-cymbal-and-temple-bowl set; it was really 
almost a cruel demonstration of how something that's ostensibly "relaxing" 
in a sort of typically new-agey way can instill in you thoughts of murder 
(like, murdering the band FIRST, and then going out afterwards for more.)

oh, did i mention? they're REALLY nice people and we are pleased to have 
one of them as a transplanted new yorker.

but then - how could you expect any less from a group who tours in a van 
with a licence plate that reads: "klaang"?

lovin them,


>i too saw pelt in d.c. --  any droners out there would love pelts use
>textures to create vivid and often atonal sound-scapes.   very "visual"
>im not sure who, but one of the members used a bow on a tambura...it
>sounded fantastic.
>To:   Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>Subject:  pelt
>any one out there like pelt. i saw them live awhile back and i thought 
>rocked in a drone way. keenan lawler and pelt just made arecord together 
>rocks in a drone way to. it was recorded in a silo. -thaniel ion lee