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Re: pelt? WHICH pelt????


I did a search for pelt.  Didn't find anything.  Any mp3 stuff out there?



At 03:01 PM 4/4/01 -0400, you wrote:
>pelt are pretty much always amazing, but you can never be sure which 
>version of pelt you're gonna see... they have many moods & stylings, and 
>their capabilities are vast & pretty astonishing...
>tono-bungay have had the supreme pleasure of splitting many a bill w/ 
>- the first time we ever saw them was at (the late, VERY lamented) 
>astrocade a few years back. they did a soundcheck that indicated a sort 
>we're thinking, "this seems pretty out there."
>they finished the check and repaired to the rear of the space where they 
>then proceeded to immediately throw down the most incredible, totally off 
>the cuff, stone-trad bluegrass jam session. completely authentic, and 
>casual... just for relaxation, i guess. don't think i've ever seen such 
>abrupt change of stylistic clothing, musically speaking, literally in the 
>twinkling of an eye.
>on another occasion we were back in philly, this time at the khyber pass, 
>when pelt churned out a set that was firmly classifiable as industrial, 
>REALLY scary... making waxtrax seem like "K" - (i had to take cover 
>backstage!) i began to get the feeling that these guys really can do 
>anything they want...
>an impression which was further reinforced when we split the bill w/ them 
>at transmissions oo2 in c'hill- where they did nothing for, oh, an hour 
>25 minutes but a continual bowed-cymbal-and-temple-bowl set; it was 
>almost a cruel demonstration of how something that's ostensibly 
>in a sort of typically new-agey way can instill in you thoughts of murder 
>(like, murdering the band FIRST, and then going out afterwards for more.)
>oh, did i mention? they're REALLY nice people and we are pleased to have 
>one of them as a transplanted new yorker.
>but then - how could you expect any less from a group who tours in a van 
>with a licence plate that reads: "klaang"?
>lovin them,
>>i too saw pelt in d.c. --  any droners out there would love pelts use
>>textures to create vivid and often atonal sound-scapes.   very "visual"
>>im not sure who, but one of the members used a bow on a tambura...it
>>sounded fantastic.
>>To:   Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>>Subject:  pelt
>>any one out there like pelt. i saw them live awhile back and i thought 
>>rocked in a drone way. keenan lawler and pelt just made arecord together 
>>rocks in a drone way to. it was recorded in a silo. -thaniel ion lee