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Re: mp3 encoder?

Hello, according to many people (as I have read) the
best free encoder is "Lame" wich you can download
click on "encoders", then select your OS and then
youŽll have several options to download, the "lame"
encoder features joint stereo encoding and variable
bitrate, IŽm using it and the results are great, also
it cames with a frontend called "Razor lame" to make
things easier.

--- matt davignon <mattdavignon@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Could anybody suggest a free mp3 encoder for me? I
> used to use 
> Audiocatalyst, but I reformatted, and now all I have
> access to is the "trial 
> version".
> I tried MusicMatch Jukebox (or something like that),
> but either it doesn't 
> list the CD tracks (so I can't pick which ones to
> encode), or it tries to 
> burn the mp3 tracks to a new CD-R.
> Ideally, I'd like one that could do CD (or .wav) to
> mp3 and also mp3 to 
> .wav.
> Anybody? anybody?
> Matt
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