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Re: I got 2

Title: I got 2
Todd, so sad to hear of your decline....
Once, I had only one EDP.  Nay, before that, I looped with a TEAC!  Then, I heard about the *E D P*.  The looping device with god-like powers marketed by the Catholic Church, no wait, I mean Gibson.  Soon, I had sacrificed and saved and *bought* one.  Only, one!  One is *enough*, I said to myself.  My friends were happy for me.  Mostly, they pretended to understand why I enjoyed looping.
Then...I wanted more....I began to feel that my life was incomplete without a second EDP.  Why, the things I could do with two!  And one day, a second EDP arrived.  Hummm....I thought maybe I recalled ordering it...but it was kind of fuzzy...certainly the charge appeared on my credit card.  My friends stopped talking to me.  My social life decayed.
That was several years ago.  Now, I have a Kyma system AND two EDPs AND ---...  I have no friends....
Todd, it's NOT too late for you!  Send that second EDP back!
Dennis Leas
P.S. Congratulations!