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Re: I got 2

> Todd Quincy wrote:
> Howdy, I just got a second EDP (yeah).
> I expect this will open a New World of possibilities. I was hoping to
> hear some signal path tips and creative tricks from those of you who
> employee 2 EDPs.

from an earlyer post name looping tips and tricks
this is for stereo EDP setups with midi connection in between

this is a "setup" routine therefore I guess we cannot play during the
button pushes :=)
1 finger push all the rest can be done by footcontroler

different cycle nb between L-R 

record the original cycle (Short <1 sec)

press multiply on the slave machine (youre setting up the slaves
multiples NB)
count 6 
press multiply on footswitch or master plex (ends multiply on slave and
startmultiply the master;
you are now setting the master multiples NB)
count 8
press multiply on footswitch (endsMultiply on master)
press undo wich will undo the multiply that was just started on the
slave by the last multiply press)

you now have a 6 to 8 cycle relationship between L and R 
this works the same Quantized or not in all sync modes 


PS: this is only a starting point as there are a lot of similar "desync"
moves that can be found if you play and think with it
Overdub,record,reverse, .....