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Re: Looping with a mixer

At 9:24 PM +0100 4/4/01, Estan Milkovitch wrote:
>generally everyone uses their looping device with a guitar, I want to
>use one with 2 turntables and a mixer but I have a couple of questions.
>As far as I can work out, I'd need some kind of effects send on my
>mixer to be able to use ANY type of guitar pedal, can anyone confirm
>this and if so, is there any way to get around this?

That is generally true, but you can patch a system creatively to 
achieve some interesting effects.

Everything depends on the specifics of your equipment, particularly 
when it comes to level and impedance matching between components. For 
instance, if you're using phonograph turntables their outputs need to 
go into preamplifier channels before the signals are strong enough to 
feed an effects device. If your mixer is designed so you can plug the 
turntables directly into it, then the preamps are built into the 

A second issue to the actual signal paths you have available, and how 
much independence you have for processing just one or another element 
of your mix. You can always patch your mixer outputs into effects 
devices, but then the entire mix will be processed. If your mixer has 
line level direct outputs on the turntable input channels, then you 
could patch those to the effects processors and bring the processor 
outputs back into the mixer (assuming you have extra inputs).

You need to be specific about your mixer's architecture. If it's 
limited to just the turntable inputs, then your best solution is 
probably to buy a second small mixer and "kludge" together something 
with more control of the signal routing. For instance, one of the 
little Mackie 1202 mixers would allow you to add effects sends, 
microphone inputs, and even the possibility of doing surround sound, 
IF you're clever about it.

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