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Re: Looping with a mixer

Hi Estan-

Not everyone here uses a looper with guitar.  If you want to use a looper or other effect on turntables, the best way will probably be to use an effects send and then to return it to a dedicated channel.  This isn't necessary, however.  You can always send the mixer's output straight into the looper or effects device.  This works best with stereo devices, of course.  The drawback here is that if you have a different program on each deck and only want to loop or effect one of them, it's impossible.  The other alternative is to use an external phono preamp and run only one turntable into the effects, and then run that into the line input on your mixer.

P.S.  The Rane TTM54i has "effects send" is really an insert.  Make sure that if you look into DJ mixers with effects sends, that they will work the way you want them to.


Subject: Looping with a mixer
Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2001 21:24:32 +0100
From: Estan Milkovitch <estan@freeuk.com>
To: loopers-delight@loopers-delight.com
Hi, I've been reading the messages for a while and I've noticed that 
generally everyone uses their looping device with a guitar, I want to 
use one with 2 turntables and a mixer but I have a couple of questions.

As far as I can work out, I'd need some kind of effects send on my 
mixer to be able to use ANY type of guitar pedal, can anyone confirm 
this and if so, is there any way to get around this?


Estan Milko