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Re: question on bowing

>rich wrote:
>> paul,
>> can you be a bit more specific about the ebow on the hammered
>> dulcimer?  Where abouts do you hold it in relation to the bridge(s)?
>> can you use it on all of the registers?  interesting
>> application...never thought of doing that one...till tonight, that
>> is.  thanks.
well, i thunk that the subject was bowing-with-a-bow, but:
since it turned into e-bowing:
i have a kikuyae ---(chrysanthemum harp)--- which is a japanese 
folk-instrument, inna dulcimer-stylie.
i built a lil 'fan' w/a brushless motor ---(that i got from radio 
shack/tandy)--- which is mounted above the strings. when the motor is 
on, the soft blades of the fan brush the strings into activity: kinda like 
the old 'gizmotron', but simpler:
homemade bowing:
great for looping.....
splattercell / dt