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Re: question on bowing

I tried using motors on my guitar some time ago but the pickups picked up
(!) the sound of the whirring motor more than any attachments on the
spindle. Does the brushless motor avoid this problem ?
PS I also use a violin bow only on the bottom two strings of my bizzarre
geetarre. I can acess the second one since its a bloody great thick bass
guitar string - it sounds wonderful, ('specially through the Leslie : )) . 
use an ebow too on anything that will vibrate. In fact i just had a
thought - what about an ebow on a reverb spring ? - I'll try this out 
One of the beauties of this list is its always thought provoking.


> i have a kikuyae ---(chrysanthemum harp)--- which is a japanese
> folk-instrument, inna dulcimer-stylie.
> i built a lil 'fan' w/a brushless motor ---(that i got from radio
> shack/tandy)--- which is mounted above the strings. when the motor is
> on, the soft blades of the fan brush the strings into activity: kinda 
> the old 'gizmotron', but simpler:
> homemade bowing:
> DIY:
> great for looping.....
> best,
> splattercell / dt