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Re: question on bowing, looping mechanisms

We're not going to start talking about Tibetan Bowls again, are we?

I don't know if I could stand another oscilloscope-laden dispute over
fundamentals and the harmonic properties of a bell-shaped instrument.

Even though I think I fomented a great deal of the furor.

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clever!     this thread will ultimatley lead back to looping...

i wanted to share this idea : my wife visualizes a "turn-table hurdy-gurdy"
in which a chrystal coblet is placed on the platter of a turn-table and an
arm is constructed above the glass to "bow" the rim as it rotates to
produce that old, familiar yet mysteriously beatiful tone.  its seems like
a great idea, so... whats the problem?     ususally when creating those
wonderfull  wine glass drones, on would apply just a bit of vinager on the
finger to get the perfect friction for coaxing out the harmonics-  however,
its not so easy to reproduce the delicate touch required with crude
crunstruction technique and lack of materials to experiment with.  has
anyone tried to build something similar to this?  i think this would make a
great stage piece for our unusual brand of music (loops loops!)  but the
most important final element would be the "finger" part of the mechanism.
any ideas on what we could try?

(hoping this is of the slightest interest)

Hedewa7@aol.com on 04/04/2001 10:55:16 PM

Please respond to Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com

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Subject:  Re: question on bowing

>rich wrote:
>> paul,
>> can you be a bit more specific about the ebow on the hammered
>> dulcimer?  Where abouts do you hold it in relation to the bridge(s)?
>> can you use it on all of the registers?  interesting
>> application...never thought of doing that one...till tonight, that
>> is.  thanks.
well, i thunk that the subject was bowing-with-a-bow, but:
since it turned into e-bowing:
i have a kikuyae ---(chrysanthemum harp)--- which is a japanese
folk-instrument, inna dulcimer-stylie.
i built a lil 'fan' w/a brushless motor ---(that i got from radio
shack/tandy)--- which is mounted above the strings. when the motor is
on, the soft blades of the fan brush the strings into activity: kinda like
the old 'gizmotron', but simpler:
homemade bowing:
great for looping.....
splattercell / dt