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DL4 potentiometer and pedal comments

hi all,

here's the info for the pot inside the expression pedal from Line666. 
just four little screws...that wasn't so bad...

a part number:


so, you electrogizmopartsandsolder guys should be able to go from 
there, yes?  that's the only info on the pot.  hope this helps.

as for comments on the exp. pedal problems i have with the DL4, 
perhaps the archives may contain something...i've stated them before 
a couple o' times.  here goes once again as brief as possible.

The expression pedal is implemented in that it 'records' movements 
made to the panel knobs.  So, put the exp pedal toe up and get a 
setting you like...if ya can, save this to one of the presets...makes 
things a bit easier to go back if ya screw up.  Now, push the pedal 
toe down, and change the knobs to the preferred new setting.  your'e 
done.  So, now the pedal remembers where the knobs were in toe up, 
and now in toe down and it will move between these settings.  so you 
can choose any ONE, or more knobs to turn and have the exp pedal 
control.  fine.

so here's my beef:  I have the expression pedal set to control the 
mix only.  toe up?  no delay.  toe down, 50/50 mix.  Now let's say i 
have a preset delay with a certain tempo, but in a bridge, for 
example, i want to half the tempo.  i can do that with my tap tempo, 
right?  sure.  tap in the new tempo and off ya go.  Just try to mess 
with that expression pedal now...I Dare You.  If you need to back off 
the mix in any way via the exp pedal, you will get a warp of the 
original tempo and the new half tempo delay (which is a trippy sound 
sure, but not one condusive to a structured 'song'), and the severity 
of the morph will depend on where the hell the pedal was when you hit 
that tap tempo change.

beef 2:  loop mode.  expression pedal controls mix only.  what a 
great thing to have a predelay in front of the looper, esp for a box 
so reasonably priced.  so you lay a great loop bed down, and you want 
to come over the top with live playing (or i will often catch a loop 
in a digi PDS pedal earlier in the chain), then i'd like to add some 
delay on that via the DL4, maybe adding it into the DL4 loop 
sporadically, if i like.  fine.  Again, don't expect to be able to 
change the loop mix level via the exp pedal without it affecting some 
change to that predelay messing about you did.

Problem is the pedal is always AWARE of the movements happening in 
real time, and it remembers and spits em back at you when you move 
it.  I worked with George Van Wagner at line6 for a while on this. 
he concocted some trick of using an a/b box in line with the pedal. 
click it on to control the mix, but click it off to do any real time 
changes, so the pedal wouldn't 'see' the DL4, then click back to 
adjust mix (or whatever).  Great idea, 'cept it didn't work.  The exp 
pedal would stop 'seeing' the DL4, but wouldn't lock back on when you 
clicked back.  sigh.

i've been enjoying the DL4 more as a recording fx box than live...but 
then i haven't been playing live as much lately.  the other part is 
that it's not line level, so that kind of holds you up there, too. 
other than that, excellent box.

question:  would it help to have one of the ebtech line level 
shifters?  fx send out > ebtech > DL4 > 2 mixer channels.  Or is that 
doing the same thing as just turning down the fx send?  seems like i 
can't get a good send to the DL4 without clipping it, or having it 
sound weak on the return.  A DL4pro with line level and better pedal 
support would be lovely.  i would love to use the DL4 more in 
conjunction with my Electrix stuff, 'cept the DL4 is very sensitive 
to hot levels, and the Electrix stuff absolutely wants hot levels.

hope this helps.  as usual YMMV.


>--- rich <rich@nuvisionsca.com> wrote:
>>  also, don't expect magic with an exp. pedal controlling the DL4.  it
>>  works, and it really opens the pedal up...but it's been a frustrating
>>  ride for me ever since.  YMMV.
>What problems have you been running into?  I just started
>using an expression pedal with my DL4 and MM4 a couple days
>ago when I converted my Kawai pedal.  I'm curious what
>problems I'm going to run into....
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