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Re: DL4 potentiometer and pedal comments

Haven't been following this thread, but I'll put in my .02 and say that you
must certainly have here a linear taper 20K pot, probably a dual.  No
problem using a much easier to find 25K.  That's all from Mensa Central.
Now if I were psychic, I'd tell you what the "3" means ("made in the third


on 4/5/01 12:04 PM, rich at rich@nuvisionsca.com wrote:

> hi all,
> here's the info for the pot inside the expression pedal from Line666.
> just four little screws...that wasn't so bad...
> a part number:
> 6G
> 3B20KX2
> so, you electrogizmopartsandsolder guys should be able to go from
> there, yes?  that's the only info on the pot.  hope this helps.