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Re: Jamman click

fwiw, i can confirm that the jamman doesn't seem to handle syncing to an
external midi clock very well when looping continuous, sustained sounds.
it generates periodic clicks when doing so, even though the initial loop
length has been determined by the same clock.  sounds like it is doing an
immediate jump to the beginning of the loop w/ no crossfading in order to
follow the midi clock.  remove the clock from the jamman midi in, and the
clicks go away.  doesn't always happen when recording a loop into the
jamman, & happens more consistently w/ some odd ratios of midi quarter
notes per loop time vs the source looper (an edp).  might have something to
do w/ the stability of the external clock, though it happens even when
directly hooking an edp midi out to the jamman midi in.  tried different
midi cables w/ no difference, so i don't think it's a bad cable for me.
doesn't happen if i fade the continuous sound in/out & leave silence at the
beginning of the loop.

anyone not seeing this behavior when synced externally?  any way to get it
to work better other than to avoid sustaining sounds through the loop start


ps- to be fair, the edp also sometimes generates periodic clicks when
synced externally w/ a sustaining tone.  the clicks are less frequent,
quieter & duller sounding, but are there to some degree.
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