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OT: question on bowing

Reiteration of further amplification:

Right on.

If I like the way it moves the air around, it's good enough to
hand to a pack of wack cats in Japan set on streaming the LD
melting pot to the world!!!  ....

Ok, I tried ... 8^P


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Subject: Re: question on bowing

> further amplification on this:
> zoid@pobox.com writes:
> >all of these sounds are great with looping, creating
interesting textures
> >without having to resort to the easy way--the dreaded synth.
> indeed, i dread no instrument -electric, electronic, acoustic,
> imaginary, sidereal, whatever- i relish the idea of mutzing
around w/all of
> 'em:
> yup.
> best,
> splattercell / dt