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Re: question on bowing, looping mechanisms

Claude Voit wrote:

> About looping mechanism
> a great setup from my friend Michel Dupuis
> you need a very old turn table (in plastic from the 60's and old garage
> sale records
> fill a film container with led granuls or sand .... make it heawy
> start the turn table set the arm on some spot
> then gently put the film box on the record surface
> put it beetween the center and the arm
> now the arm will hit the film box at each revolution and close the loop
> find some other interesting spots in the record etc....
> if you can change the speed on the turn table its even better
> Claude

what, no midi?


lance g.

actually, i have a friend who's into this also, but likes to have at least
a dozen or so going at once...i suppose putting them all into a mixer
would be fun. or maybe a blender!