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Re: question on bowing

looper friends--
sorry i was being facitious about the "dreaded" synth.  my acoustic guitar
is midified with the axon100-sb and rmc pickups and i love it.  i suppose
it's part of my own wierdness that i enjoy watching people look around
quizzically when i play a sitar/tambura sound with acoustic guitar or
create my own standing ovation with an applause patch.  sure, i could do it
on a keyboard, but i like the disconnect when things aren't as expected and
also the expressiveness of guitar.  somehow in breaking expectations people
tend to listen more since they don't already know what's happening.

you guys keep keeping me honest
paul reisler

 >Your friends have both made the classic mistake of closing one door after
>opening another.
>Leave as many doors open as possible, in fact  try to ignore these
>perceived barriers altogether. It seems to be a human trait that, having
>discovered something, (a musical genre - even a band) people want to 
>other approaches/styles. I see it in my students all the time.
>To your friend who reckons he can make any sound with an orchestra I say
>"filter sweep", (though I love the orchestra).
>> Something very satisfying about getting new sounds from acoustic 
>> One of my neighbors is the new conductor of the New York Philharmonic.
>> another neighbor who is also a composer was going on and on to Maazel
>> how he could make all these sounds on his computer  indicating he could
>> make sounds the orchestra  couldn't. Maazel looked right at the guy and
>> said "Give me a great orchestra and I can make any sound. period.  That
>> stuck with me

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