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Re: question on bowing

>From: Paul Reisler <zoid@pobox.com>
>looper friends--
>sorry i was being facitious about the "dreaded" synth.  my acoustic guitar
>is midified with the axon100-sb and rmc pickups and i love it.  i suppose
>it's part of my own wierdness that i enjoy watching people look around
>quizzically when i play a sitar/tambura sound with acoustic guitar or
>create my own standing ovation with an applause patch.

Just to keep you even more honest, how do you know its a "standing" 
Does applause sound any different if they are sitting? :)

I'm telling you, ya gotta watch those adjectives with this group.

>sure, i could do it
>on a keyboard, but i like the disconnect when things aren't as expected 
>also the expressiveness of guitar.  somehow in breaking expectations 
>tend to listen more since they don't already know what's happening.
>you guys keep keeping me honest
>paul reisler
>  >Your friends have both made the classic mistake of closing one door 
> >opening another.
> >Leave as many doors open as possible, in fact  try to ignore these
> >perceived barriers altogether. It seems to be a human trait that, having
> >discovered something, (a musical genre - even a band) people want to 
> >other approaches/styles. I see it in my students all the time.
> >To your friend who reckons he can make any sound with an orchestra I say
> >"filter sweep", (though I love the orchestra).
> >
> >> Something very satisfying about getting new sounds from acoustic 
> >> One of my neighbors is the new conductor of the New York Philharmonic.
> >> another neighbor who is also a composer was going on and on to Maazel
> >about
> >> how he could make all these sounds on his computer  indicating he 
> >> make sounds the orchestra  couldn't. Maazel looked right at the guy 
> >> said "Give me a great orchestra and I can make any sound. period.  
> >> stuck with me
>Paul Reisler
>Trapezoid/Ki Theatre
>PO Box 38
>Washington, VA 22747
>540.987.3166 fax

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