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Re: Electrix (NOT Repeater) question

I had this same problem with my FQ...when i was trying to use it in 
line with my stompboxes.  Once i put if after the preamp, everything 
cleaned up very nicely!  Electrix stuff seems to like hot signal 


>So on a whim I ordered an Electrix FilterQueen and now I have a quick
>question for anyone who has one of these.  Is it usual for this unit to
>be VERY noisy?  When the FQ is plugged and engaged it adds a level of
>hiss that is VERY noticeable.  When you hit the momentary bypass of the
>filter, the hiss level drops of dramatically.  The settings on the face
>plate don't seem to alter the level or type of hiss at all so I was
>wondering if this is some sort of defect or if its just the way such a
>filter unit behaves.
>Thanks in advance for any help