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Re: Electrix (NOT Repeater) question

I had Darrell respond to Kevin off-list, but I thought others might find
this information of use as well:

Kevin, thanks for writing.  I think I understand what the problem is with
how you've got your Filter Queen connected.

First of all the Filter Queen was designed to run at line level like most
studio FX processors.  That is quite a bit different than guitar level,
which is a much weaker signal, and also explains why it sounds noisy in 

All signal processors are setup to work at a particular level.  Some have
level switching on them to allow them to switch between guitar level and
line level, but most don't.  The reason products have this is to achieve a
respectable signal to noise ratio.  When you run guitar level through a 
level box, the signal is so low that the noise ends up sounding louder that
it should.  

(Thanks Dr. Signal for the textbook response!)

So here's what you need to do to enter the world of great tone, and low
noise!  Use the Effects loop on your guitar amp for the Filter Queen.  Most
amps have a line level, post pre-amp loop that is totally compatible with
the Filter Queen.  Try hooking it up in Mono, and kick in the 4pole mode
switch on the back.  This should solve you noise problems real fast.  Now,
if you don't have a effects loop on your amp, there is one other way to 
this work.  Pick up an MXR Micro amp, and hit that before the Filter Queen.
The MXR is a pre amp that will bring your guitar level up to line level.
You can now connect the output of the Queen to the input of your amp.  You
will probably have to adjust your settings on the amp to get the output 
down to a tolerable level.

So that's a big explanation.  Let me know how it goes.


Darrell Smith

> Hello,
> I just recently purchased a Filter Queen via mail order.  This was sort
> of an impulse thing so I didn't try it out anywhere before I bought it.
> My question is this:  Is it normal for the unit to be noisy (as in
> ambient white noise produced while the effect is engaged)?  When this is
> put in my signal chain it automatically adds a high level of hiss.  I
> know its the FQ because if you hit the momentary switch on the FQ the
> hiss drops out to it normal levels.
> I'm really enjoying the unit so far but I need to figure this out.  I
> can't really use it if its actually that noisy.  Is there something I
> should be doing to try and adjust the amount of hiss that is produced
> (the hiss doesn't seem to vary with any adjustments from the face place
> i.e., frequency, follower, resonance, etc.) or is this the nature of the
> beast?
> I'm running a line in coming from a guitar and effects configuration.
> Thanks
> Kevin Cheli-Colando