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Re: The Orb

For an interesting discovery, check out The Tape-Beatles. In 1991, the Orb
got a hold of their first two tapes, and have been integrating the material
from it into their shows. You'd be surprised by how many things you once
thought were created by the Orb, when in fact, they were just playing a 
Beatles tape. The first few minutes of "Live 93" are a perfect example.



Don't know how many already know this, but much of "Little Fluffy Clouds" 
uses "Electric Counterpoint", a Steve Reich piece performed by Pat Metheny 
on multitracked guitars and basses.  I believe most of it is from the 
movement, but cleverly edited from the original 6/8 time to fit into 4/4.

Appreciate the heads up from Tom about their new album.  I haven't bought 
anything that came out after Orblivion, actually.  Still, I've never seen 
them live before and look forward to the experience.


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