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Re: The Orb

What about "slug dub" from Orbus Terrarum? They take the organ figure from 
Miles' "Calypso Frelimo".

We could go about this all day long.

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>Subject: Re: The Orb
>Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 17:45:40 -0400
>For an interesting discovery, check out The Tape-Beatles. In 1991, the Orb
>got a hold of their first two tapes, and have been integrating the 
>from it into their shows. You'd be surprised by how many things you once
>thought were created by the Orb, when in fact, they were just playing a 
>Beatles tape. The first few minutes of "Live 93" are a perfect example.
>Don't know how many already know this, but much of "Little Fluffy Clouds"
>uses "Electric Counterpoint", a Steve Reich piece performed by Pat Metheny
>on multitracked guitars and basses.  I believe most of it is from the 
>movement, but cleverly edited from the original 6/8 time to fit into 4/4.
>Appreciate the heads up from Tom about their new album.  I haven't bought
>anything that came out after Orblivion, actually.  Still, I've never seen
>them live before and look forward to the experience.
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