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Gig Spam Deluxe

The first official public appearance on my part in the UK is at hand!

Critical Mass is a weekend-long event at St Luke's Church in Holloway, 
London.  For details about it see http://www.thecriticalmass.com - And as
far as I'm informed presently I'll be playing in two time slots, first at
7pm in conjunction with a didgeridoo player (or two); then another set at
9pm (on my own, I was originally told).  While the exact scheduling may 
it is indeed happening tomorrow night, my fellow loopophologists.

If you're in the area, come on in!  I apologize for the short notice but 
details were worked out over the past week - partially evidenced by my 
billed as "Steve Goodman".  No, I'm not going to play "The City of New
Orleans". :P

Admission is through the format of booking - via fax if possible - and
should be viewed at the Booking section of the site.

Cheers and I hope to see yez there!

Stephen Goodman
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