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CT-Acoustic now available

Hey everyone,

Just letting you guys know that the newest production from the CT-Project 
now available.

Contains acoustic music from the following members (many of whom are from 
Loopers Delight):

javier miranda
lance glover
jon southwood
claude voit
michael klobuchar
todd madson
tim nelson
barrett mcdevitt
rob switzer
travis weller
the ortones
jeff mcleod
matt davignon
scott kungha drengsen
miko biffle

The cost is $5, including postage for the USA. International orders please 
add $3. If you're interested, email me off the list 
(mattdavignon@hotmail.com, don't just hit "reply"). I'll tell you where to 
send the check or well concealed cash, and you can tell me your mailing 

The mp3's will soon be available at www.loopxchange.com at this specific 


Right now, the mp3's of all the other completed CT Projects are available.


Matt Davignon

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