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uh...kindof preaching to the choir, no?

are you expecting anybody to say, "hell no, i'm not interested in a 
software looping plug in"?

so, yes, i'm sure everybody is interested.  any questions would, 
however, be similar to the questions regarding our beloved, late to 
the party, Repeater.

such as:

when can i have it?  i mean, REALLY have it...
will it do everything you promised it would do?
where's the manual?
can it work in real-time?  really? for sure, push-it-to-the-wall real-time?
is it better than the edp?
was there really a second man on the grassy knoll?



ps.  speaking of software...i recently got Bitheadz' "Retro AS-1" 
software synth.  my wife got herself a sporty G3 powerbook which was 
sitting a little too idle for stretches at a time for my taste.  usb 
midi interface, Retro, and a few less dollars in my pocket 
later...Wow, this synth is A LOT OF FUN.  Instant access down into 
the oscillators and filters, instant access to the effects, and the 
delays, although not very long, will self oscillate into 
#@^*^%$#####%&&*%%& if ya push 'em.   Absolutely TONS of presets that 
you can mangle and save too.

very nice...now just got to get the midi implmentation sorted out so 
the ribbon controllers on my Alesis qs6 can control Retro parameters 
in real time...yay!

>Hello to all
>This Plug-IN was designed as a new musical creation tool
>exploiting the capabilities of the variability of the loop.
>Controling loop length and index in real-time will pull you
>into the vast ocean of cyclic waves, new rythmic combinations
>will emerge when using multiple tracks. Welcome to looping...
>For more info on this real-time looper
>ask questions at  Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>Are you interested?
>This looper is for Mac platform and will be available this summer...