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CENTROZOON - Easter Update (Slightly Off-Topic)

(My apologies for any inadvertent cross-posting)...

It's been a while... But despite the scarcity of public announcements in
recent months CENTROZOON (a.k.a. TouchStyle guitarist Markus Reuter, and
synthesist Bernhard Wostheinrich) have been working towards bringing last
year's 'The Cult Of: Bibbiboo' sessions (now fully formed) into the public

Canadian Producer (and 'Crafty' guitarist) Derek DiFilippo has completed 
final mixes, and mastering is now scheduled for May 2001 in London with
Simon Heyworth at the helm.

Renowned sleeve-artist Russell Mills has also shown interest in the 
and may ultimately contribute the final artwork for what promises to be a
very special release.

Friends, enthusiasts, and random 'passers by' are invited to sample
Bibbiboo's wisdom by visiting the all-new interactive Oracle Of: Bibbiboo
(Flash) site at http://www.bibbiboo.com. Let Bibbiboo be your guiding 
(or simply ask her "does my bum look big in this?") It's inspirational /
It's 'wacky' / It's - probably not what you're expecting! ;-)

Amidst preparations for 'The Cult Of: Bibbiboo' CENTROZOON have found time
to record and released 'Sun Lounge Debris' - a stunning new album of
impromptu ambient works. This salient collection (whilst further marking 
their own sonic territory) is surely the kindred partner to Fripp and Eno's
early collaborative works. Hop over to http://www.mp3.com/centrozoon for
further details, audio samples, and purchase information...

As always, the latest news and developments can be found at

Best wishes,

Lee Fletcher (on behalf of CENTROZOON)