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Re: Boss RC-20 Loop Station

The one they had at NAMM didn't get demoed.   Just pointed to and looked 
Hands were waved.       Assuming it works up to spec, it'll give up to 5
minutes loop time, divisible into something like 10 loops, but dynamically
allocated so that you can have a five minute loop if you want.   It is a
monaural device, and some of the programming requires you to lean over and
push buttons on the pedal.    Looks to be a Boomerang killer, but it won't
supplant the Echoplex because of the way a plex can append loops to each
other and sync up to MIDI.    It won't supplant the Repeater, providing the
Repeater works up to spec, because Repeaters are stereo and have similar
construction tricks to the Plexes.