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Re: Boss RC-20 Loop Station

Hello all,

It's shipping in Japan and I did have a chance to obtain one...  but not 
really use it as of yet.  A report shall follow in the coming days...

Rik Elswitさんが01.4.17 12:58 PMに書きました:
>The one they had at NAMM didn't get demoed.   Just pointed to and looked 
>Hands were waved.       Assuming it works up to spec, it'll give up to 5
>minutes loop time, divisible into something like 10 loops, but dynamically
>allocated so that you can have a five minute loop if you want.   It is a
>monaural device, and some of the programming requires you to lean over and
>push buttons on the pedal.    Looks to be a Boomerang killer, but it won't
>supplant the Echoplex because of the way a plex can append loops to each
>other and sync up to MIDI.    It won't supplant the Repeater, providing 
>Repeater works up to spec, because Repeaters are stereo and have similar
>construction tricks to the Plexes.