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NYC Performance Tues. April 24

Tuesday, April 24, 2001
8 pm
The Knitting Factory, AlterKnit Space
74 Leonard Street, Manhattan, 212-219-3055

RECESS, an ongoing series of experimental improvisation

maenad (G3, Virus and piano)
"Like most people, I modify recordings of everyday life with
synthesizers and samplers. The resulting music sounds like someone lying
awake at night, trying to find a good station on the radio. Musical
influences are many, but include Coil, Nurse with Wound and The Hafler

Charles Cohen (analog Buchla Music Easel)
"you know....the usual"
     (Pauline Oliveros: "Well Charles your "usual" is pretty unusual
and wonderful")

David Lee Myers (multiprocessor feedback, devices, loops)
"The idea is that an effects device is fed some of its own output--much
like a squealing speaker which accidentally feeds the microphone
supplying its input--and electrons begin to flow as they wish. The trick
is to shape this flow, select the feedback paths which create an
aesthetically pleasing (or whatever) direction and shape. What is
required is several devices whose business it is to bend sound into
various shapes, and a routing scheme which allows them to speak to each
other and to themselves."