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loop structure idea

hey loopheads,

got an idea last night that is basically impossible for me to create 
with my current setup, but i thought i would pass it on and see if 
any of ya Kyma folks might be able to tackle it...or maybe some 
interesting threads might spin off of it...who knows?

Capture a loop of a specified length.  for this mental excercise, 
let's call the loop <Do Re Me Fa>.

So <Do Re Me Fa> is of a certain length.  Now take a copy of that 
loop and make subdivisions of it (like taking a sample and cutting it 
into sections).  It could be subdivisions of 2, 4, 8, 16, or odd 
numbers, maybe.  Let's use a subdivision of 4 for simplicity sake. 
We now have 4 smaller loops of <Do>, <Re>, <Me>, and <Fa>.   Then the 
subdivisions get multiplied by 4, so they equal the original loop 
length...ala <Do> x 4, or <Me> x 4, etc.

What happens if that is playing alongside the original loop?

you have <Do Re Me Fa><Do Re Me Fa><Do Re Me Fa><Do Re Me Fa>

and on the other loop you have <Do Do Do Do><Do Do Do Do><Do Do Do 
Do><Do Do Do Do> playing along side it, or <Re Re Re Re><Re Re Re 
Re><Re Re Re Re><Re Re Re Re>

make sense?

Now what if you capture the original loop and it's chugging away. 
Could this subdivision be done behind the scenes?  How long would it 
take before you could access it?  Could you subdivide and multiply 
all 4 subdivision elements?  ie:  <Do Do Do Do>, <Re Re Re Re>, <Me 
Me Me Me>, <Fa Fa Fa Fa>

Then, could you switch between those subdivided loops in real time 
while the original loop is playing?   Do Do Do Re Re Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa 
Fa Do Do Me Me Me Me.

Essentially slicing the original loop by an integer, taking all the 
slices and multiplying themselves back out by the integer, then being 
able to play a stream of any slice and switch between slices 
alongside the original loop.

Seems like you could have some interesting melodies happening...

perhaps the Againinator can do this without a hitch...

thoughts, anyone?