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Italian Cycloops + answer to DJLatino

luca wrote:

> This matter has caught my curiosity, so I have mailed to the site keeper
> where the review was asking him if they had tried the Cycloops or not.
> His response was that he didn't make a test to Cycloops because he didn't
> find one around.
> His considerations were all about the fact that he had tried Cmx 5000
> (Pioneer ??) that wasn't able to catch the groove of latin-american 
> So he reached the conclusion that latin-american music is a difficult 
> to be automatically catched......
> On his review it was really difficult to understand he didn't tried the
> Cycloops; it seems he did.
> I am also disappointed he wrote it in that way.
> About Italo's way of describing the translation, he tried to express the
> mood in which it has been written.
> I think the real bad story is that there is people who gives their 
> on a public site about products they haven't seen or touched and this is
> what Djlatino did.
> my 2 liras (way less than 2 cents...)
> luca

Thank you for your clever point of view Luca, and also thanks for your 
email to

I had an email from DJlatino today. He explained me he doubted about the
capacity of Cycloops to "hear" some salsa tempos. I sent him back an email 
him, see below ...

Dealing with CMX5000 BPM limits, it sounds good to me to have chosen 
rather than Pioneer even if they would have accepted (which I doubt of 

Except I must admit Cycloops doesn't like very much some heavy bass lines,
otherwise it works pretty fine and follows salsa tempo variations quite


********************* copy of my answer to DJLatino ********************

InfoDJLatino.net wrote:

> First of all excuse me for my english !!

No problem, thanks to Italoop on Loopers' Delight, I can read your Italian

> I have answer to your question directly if you write to me.

First, thanks for your email

> In my review I have write that I hope that "cycloop" work with salsa 
> Take in consideration that some latin djs think that when I mix "in 
> salsa music woth the pc , imagine me that download music into hard disk 
> say to computer "now mix on tempo and on rythm" like Merlin !!!
> Sometimes I have problem to do loops with ReCycle , because salsa is a 
> of rhythm and sound and sometimes the tempo is made by the clave and its 
> sound very different of drum of dance music.
> Waiting your reply.
> Ernesto
> www.djlatino.net
> info@djlatino.net


It's true Salsa is usually live music, and any live music usually makes the
tempo jitter a bit.

Nevertheless, I find salsa more and more accurate in BPM nowadays rather 
in the pass, since musicians are used to play with machines now. Believe 
me, I
can feel it with every cyclic sampling prototype I have built before 
Cycloops for Redsound.

And Redsound has developped what they called the BPM engine V2 which 
live tempo variations. I have just tried Cycloops this afternoon for you, 
the result is very surprising. Salsa loops follow "Radio Latina 99Mhz FM" 
quite good. You would be surprised.

I hope you will have the opportunity one day to check it out, really.

Comparing Cycloops to tiny samplers on mixers, well it's like comparing BMW
with 2CV

I have just tried Cycloops this morning in Paris at DMC-France, the guy 
says he
will not be interested in Cycloops to loop for scratching. He made me the
comparison with a Numark-KAOSS on which he can sample 5-sec, it seems he is
right in that case : a classical start/stop sampler is fairly enough to 
loop a
passage from a special scratching vynil (where samples are carved every 4 
with different tempos). I agree in that case Cycloops doesn't fit.

So I would rather suggest Cycloops to be exclusively focused for mix effect
(teckno, house ...)
And in that case it should be very appreciable !!!
Seamless loop + perfect start/stop points matching + perfect BPM tracking +
automatic record level

Cycloops is not a studio sampler, because exclusively designed for 
DJs, not this kind of commercial term everybody seems to abused to declare
every potential purchaser, but the real pro DJ, you know the ones who get 
every month, how do they called this ? I got it !!! = a job.

Seriously, Cycloops have been mostly made for them. Because like any other 
every one can sometimes feel in a bad mude, sick, worried by personnal 
... Yeah, pro DJs are like everyone : humans !!! This is why I designed
Cycloops for, for this kind of people who sometimes are tired to mix the 
disk, at the same place, at the same time everyday, just to let people 
dance on
the floor, although this Pro DJ sometimes would like to play something 
but no !!! He has to play commercial records because people come to clubs 
dance on the hits they listen to their favorite radio .... And in that 
Cycloops is made for them, to let them dance on this fucky damned shit !!! 
Let me born a loop for them so I can have a drink meanwhile, Hey !! John, 
me a Coke please !!! Feel thursty playing record on and on, all night 

Yeah !!! Mixing can sometimes be a nightmare, even only a day per month, 
but at
this very moment, Thanks my Godness !!! I have my Holy Cycloops !!!

Cycloops might help anyway. The First direct-to-use fully automatic club
sampler, this is what it has been made for.

Furthermore, several loops put together makes interesting round effects, 
especially with salsa !!!
several times the same singers in chorus on your favorite song !!!

Believe me, Ernesto, maybe you would love it !!!