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Italian Cycloops

This matter has caught my curiosity, so I have mailed to the site keeper
where the review was asking him if they had tried the Cycloops or not.
His response was that he didn't make a test to Cycloops because he didn't
find one around.
His considerations were all about the fact that he had tried Cmx 5000
(Pioneer ??) that wasn't able to catch the groove of latin-american music.
So he reached the conclusion that latin-american music is a difficult thing
to be automatically catched......

On his review it was really difficult to understand he didn't tried the
Cycloops; it seems he did.

I am also disappointed he wrote it in that way.

About Italo's way of describing the translation, he tried to express the
mood in which it has been written.

I think the real bad story is that there is people who gives their 
on a public site about products they haven't seen or touched and this is
what Djlatino did.

my 2 liras (way less than 2 cents...)