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Re: Italian Cycloops


the part about it sucking...you directly translated that?

seems to me that the review had some concerns about price and some 
limitations, and the 'it sucks' part was your own personal addition. 
and you haven't tried it personally...  gee, that leaves your ass out 
in the wind a bit, doesn't it?

emmanual's pleasant response to you seems to indicate who's the 
reasonable man here, IMO.

your orville rules.....snore....oh, sorry, i drifted off there...what 
were you saying?


ps.  any links to your music would be greatly appreciated

>SO WHAT?  I translated what I read there!   It seems that it sucks!!!
>according to the guy that  wrote that review...
>I don't know Cycloops, I didn't check it out at Frankfurt. This is the 
>first time I hear of that...PERIOD.
>All I can say is what I know about Repeater, since I had a demo of it!!!
>I hope that what I read and translated for Emmanuel what HE ASKED me to
>translate...that's it!!!
>If that is not true...KOOL!
>If that is TRUE well...he has to be embarassed...not me. He didn't even 
>"who" he "is"....
>In the mean time  MY ORVILLE rules....
>do your homeworX
>best  Italoop