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Re: OT fairies (was mega-cd blah blah blah)

matt davignon wrote:

> >From: Nemoguitt@aol.com
> >matt.....2 things:
> >  1) what did you have in mind for this beastie?
> the whole email was about what I had in mind for it! Unless you were 
> about cost.... which I estimated being between $200 and $400.
> >  2) did tim's ganja fairy happen to visit you or are you drinking more
> >coffee
> >than usual.....:).....michael
> Funny you should mention that. Tim _did_ show up on my doorstep this 
> dressed as some sort of fairy. I didn't know it was him though, so I
> pretended not to be home.
> Matt
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that's funny. i saw an episode of *jackass* the other nite with a guy 
up as the *parking meter fairy*. he was going around putting change in 
expired meters. he sorta got busted by the parking po-lice. looked a lot 
tim, come to think of it...

lance g.

ps: my 7-year-old just lost another tooth yesterday, so we got visited by 
fairy too...uh, tim?