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RE: a hot street recorder

I was lusting after the nomad jukebox for live
recording, but have not jumped in to buy yet.  Good
points are that it records .wavs, not in a compressed
format, does not have 'auto-level' record mode but
lets you adjust the recording level as you record
(unlike sony minidisks), can be upgraded
(unofficially) to 20GB - at ~10 MB/minute, that's a
lot of time!.  

Problems are a potentially noisy line-in (can anyone
comfirm this? - see bottom of
http://www.kuren.org/jukebox/linein.html), slow
(multi-minute) boot time, short battery life, and the
lack of metering as noted below.  There are lots of
complaints about various things on discussion sites
such as
and http://www.creative.com/services/news-server/

CreativeLabs came so close on this one but miss the
mark IMHO...the firmware is user-upgradable - time may
tell.  I don't know of any other portable hard disk
recorder like this.

--- Bret <echoplex@yahoo.com> wrote:
> --- Matthias Grob <matthias@grob.org> wrote:
> > I hope there is no problem like automatic input
> gain control or so...
> Here is a drawback as noted on
> http://www.kuren.org/jukebox/opinion.html
> ---
> "No metering for the Recording mode (at least a clip
> indicator should
> be there)"
> ----
> Guess you would have to build your own meters into a
> microphone preamp
> to be used with the nomad, and calibrate them to
> correlate to clipping
> levels.  Else, live recording will be crapshoot.
> bret


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