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OT For sale: A hot street recorder

I have a Sony TCD-8 with a custom set of binaural microphones, power supply
and a ton of blank, never used tapes for sale for $375, obo. Less than 20
hours of use. (More like 10). It's in pristine condition.

The binaural microphone pair captures the sound as it enters the ear, so 
get the >perfect< stereo spread. It's good for regular applications too.

Let me know if you're interested (off list of course),

Jonathan El-Bizri

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> > Re: A hot street recorder>These things seem great--but is mp3 really
> > equivalent to CD sound quality?
> >
> > Yes -- or better (or worse) based on sampling rate and quality of input
> > (i.e. audio source, gear, audio-digital conversion etc.)
> What?!  While adaptive CODECs like MP3 and its cousin ATRAC
> (used in MDs and the late unlamented CD-I) are very impressive
> for the fidelity of their reproduction, I have yet to hear an
> MP3 that's equal in quality to uncompressed CD sound quality.
> A classic gotcha.  You record a concert on MD and one of
> the instruments is too low.  But when you try to use
> EQ to bring the instrument out, all sorts of nasties
> occur (usually, the instrument is "muddy" because the
> perceptual encoding has taken away all its bandwidth).
> "Rooms" and tails of natural reverbs also take a nasty
> hit with these compression methods, particularly if
> there is a loud sound while the tail of a previous
> sound is still echoing.
> Now, if you started with a much better quality of uncompressed
> recording, say 24-bit/96K, and didn't compress too much,
> then it's perfectly conceivable that you would get something
> as good, perhaps even better.  But I have yet to hear this
> and I've listened to a LOT of compressed audio (and I'm not
> THAT picky...)
> If you start with 16/44 audio, it's absolutely impossible
> for the compressed sound to be better than the original
> and mathematically it's impossible for it to be the same
> (though for a lot of applications it's impossible for me
> to tell the difference at a low compression ratio, which
> makes it "the same" as far as I'm concerned...)
> Back to lurking now.
> /t
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