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Drum sounds for looping ?

Hi folks,

I got my new (used) zendrum last night.  Plugged into a synth module,
ran into my EDP, laid down some rhythm along with bass pedals, and then
drummed along for a *long* time.  Wow!  :)   This is going to be a great
way to create new sounds for me, but it underlines something I've known
to be a problem for quite a while - ho-hum drum sounds.  I have several
modules with drum kits - last night I was playing with my QSR and korg
NS5R, but none that really excel.  I'd particularly like some good
ethnic kits - a varied set of tablas that I can assign to some of those
24 triggers would be nice (as well as more "traditional" kits)  :)   Can
anyone recommend a drum module?

Thanks much,