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RE: a hot street recorder

This really is as good as it looks; I've tried one in a local store and
they're great, (and they support MAC OS). All the reviews are giving it 85%
+. The UK price is 339 inc tax if you are interested but they would
probably be cheaper in the US. In the US they are called 'NOMAD' but in
Europe 'DAP' as a French company already had the name.
However, there are more of this type of device coming out all the time. I
saw a portable unit with a 60GB hard drive last month; It has a docking
station system so you can plug it in to your car, your HI-FI or

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> Sent: 24 April 2001 10:03
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> Subject: OT: a hot street recorder
> I fell in love with:
> http://www.nomadworld.com/products/jukebox-c/features.asp
> - it eliminates the DAT to record shows (since it also records PCM 
> not just MP3), which is great since we have always problems with 
> tapes in tropical humidity.
> - it eliminates the car tape/CD player
> - its much cheaper that DAT, tapes, CDs (that get lost in the car...)
> - it allows much quicker transfer of the street recordings to the 
> computer and of the ready music to listen in the car...
> - there is enough space on the 6G HD to keep 50 hours of MP3 and 
> still have space to record a 3 hour concert in PCM (.wav)
> - with some luck it may even serve as a real time sound to USB 
> converter (not in the specs)
> - I hope its less vibration sensitive than DAT and CD players, but I 
> am not sure since a HD can even definitively crash with a shock, 
> right?
> Is there any disadvantage I am not aware of?
> Could someone of you please help me to send such unit to Brazil?
> Thank you very much
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