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RE: a hot street recorder

Thank you for this link, Neal:

>guy's taken the Nomad apart. interesting site.

really interesting.

There is a link to AudioRevew.com, where a revewer wrote:
>I have attempted to record a few of my old records digitally, and 
>keep getting a really annoying and extremely high pitch throughout 
>the recording (both with microphone and line-in recordings).

I wrote to the guy, but he did not answer yet.
None of the others write about recording, it does not seem to be the 
main use...

Bret found:
>Here is a drawback as noted on
>"No metering for the Recording mode (at least a clip indicator should
>be there)"
>Guess you would have to build your own meters into a microphone preamp
>to be used with the nomad, and calibrate them to correlate to clipping
>levels.  Else, live recording will be crapshoot.

Yes, this appears in several places, but all from the same guy, seems 
hard to believe, no?

Stephen found:
>Problems are a potentially noisy line-in (can anyone
>comfirm this? - see bottom of

I really wonder! An open input is no usefull reference for noise. And 
he sais he only heard the noise when he had boost on, so there might 
be in internal preamp we should not use.

In the specs they give 90dB noise distance which is fine for me but 
may not be true.

Also, the thing may have evolved... it certainly did in terms of price.

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