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Againinator plug-in module

Dear looprz, 
I just got the following (whooly unsolicitated) advert
in my spambox. It looks like another must-get-it
accessory to my panaceaic againinator. I don't know
if it's shipping yet or not, though. 


>Snoring problems? Let Snore Eliminator's all natural 
>ingredients help you keep your audience's attention!
>Is snoring drowning out the subtle passages of your loops?
> No more sleepless nights with Snore Eliminator!!
>Let your family sleep again by using the Snore Eliminator!
>Do you know someone with a snoring problem? Snore 
>Eliminator will help them and they will love you for it.
>Improve your sexual performance by reducing snoring and 
>thus increasing oxygen to your body!!
>   ...
> The noise is caused by a vibration in the soft palate as 
>the lungs pull hard to take in a weakened current of 
>incoming air. This blockage may result from any number of 
>circumstances, and these offer clues to get rid of the >problem. 
>Snoring is also more than likely to occur among people who 
>sleep in their seats; the tongue falls back toward the 
>throat and partly closes the airway.

[Note: this does sound a lot liek throat singing. Perhaps
       we should just sample the audience when they
>Snoring decreases sexual performance by half, due to lack 
>of oxygen to the brain which decreases sexual 
[Note: the other half is decreased by the fact that they are 

> ...

>TESTIMONIALS from several of our satisfied customers:
>Looopenzo writes...
>I am having a good nights sleep, finally.  I used to wake 
>myself up during the performance which was a real bummer as I 
>would not always go back to sleep.  Sleeping through the 
>entire second set is great.  Thanks a lot Snore Eliminator. 
>PS:  My girlfriend loves it as much or more than I do. 

> ...

>How to Use Snore Eliminator:
>Open your mouth
>Hold the 4oz bottle about four inches from your audience
>Spray one or two application onto the back of the crowd.