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Re: new member with some cool edit pro ????

Title: Re: new member with some cool edit pro ????

hope you enjoy the list.  lots of information traded here amidst gear lust, philosophy, ego wars, international semantics, good books to read, etiquette, fairy sightings and more!

however, from my experience, there isn't a lot of cracked software trading going on here, and many of the member have very justified opinions on pirated software that you might not agree with.  should be some of the arguments from both sides in the archives, if you're interested.

so enjoy the list, but i would suggest keeping your software trading discreet and off-list.



hey im a new member also!! woo hoo for me right?
hahaha anyways i have some questions about cool edit pro
Anyone have any full/cracked versions of other fun music softwares? im down to do a trade with my cool edit pro (worth i belive about 350$)