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Re: Thank you Dennis Leas...

John, problem is Always the same!!! Only a few people really want to work
hard at things, in ANY field. On the Eventide users group there have been
many things going on, like offering presets to the whole community (more
than 300 are already available for FREE to everybody), talk about "how
to..s" and more. Now what can you say if people DO NOT contribute with 
works or their questions and answers? I tell you why...most of them didn't
do their hard work like others did. Still me and a few others are there
helping out users to learn to program their units, solve their problems. 
should see how many mails every day I get from all over the world from
people asking  to fix this or that or how to make up this function or else,
because their are VERY close to an important work, like a mix down or
mastering of cds, movies and more. Many even call or write TO BUY my
libraries or to have custom designed ones, from very simple programs up to
the more strange or hard to program. Still...only a few do their hard work
and only a few in that very small group are willing to "share" with the
whole group. Eventide tells users to call me for help...and I don't get 
by them. You lost free counseling.
In your long lurking time You NEVER asked anything - Never contributed
W/questions or answers - never got in a chat to SEE what is going on almost
every night - vever downloade Vsig editor and asked for a databas to load
into it and see how does it feel to program an Eventide without even having
to buy it!!! all together we people doing this ir real time on the
chat!!!-you never did anything...and you're here to pretend
what??????????...or complining about my "too frequent" presence on that
list? Should say thanx ! ! !
At least the group is growing, more and more are TAKING active part in all
the new things going on. It's not my fault if "famous" people(...please no
names, just check them in the members list and if you have enough 
in the field You're going to recognize lots of "who") don't contribute
actively; there are many reasons why this may happen:
1)They don't really have the time
2)They have an attitude like "I only sell my programs"
3)They are not able to do it yet
4)They are assholes willing others doing all for them and that's it or 
"community is kids stuff"
5)don't care at all
you might think of other reasons for it.
I'm sure of one thing, since the list is on, Eventide has sold many dozens
of their units; used gear worldwide market has seen lots of people buying
used Eventides, lots of people write to Eventide , being enthusiast for the
knowledge and service they get out of the group, like I'm sure it happens 
Looper's Delight too, with a different but similar products range and
I'm sorry if you didn't get useful infos for you,...I'm not sorry if you're
not getting an Eventide!!!. I love KYMAS as much as I love my 2 Orvilles,
Dsp4000, H3000D/SX, Lexicon Pcm80 and Jamman...and hopefully Repeater if
this painful LOOONG comedy about it will ever end ;-))  I'd really like to
couple Kyma to my set-up but you can't have EveryThing in your life.
I simply think Kyma is on top of many applications in the market...very
creative, VERY POWERFUL and I don't have stupid
"but" on or against it...Kyma is GREAT ! ! !
Problem is only You're complaining about a big knowledge free to anybody
that ONLY *YOU* didn't get!!! Neither you did anything to get it...sorry 
you...this attitude will be a bigger problem on a mighty platform like 
...and BTW, Orville,DSP7000//7500 manuals are FREELY downloadable from
Eventide website...don't need to request them or pay for...again, it was up
to YOU to get them. I hope you did ...but you never asked about
anything...we didn't notice your existence, needs and curiosities.
Best wishes Italo

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Subject: Thank you Dennis Leas...

> I'll follow your advice & order the Kyma manual.
> I've been lurking on the Eventide users site for the
> past several months trying to pick up info on the
> Eventide Eclipse. Unfortunately, lurking there means
> reading Italo's posts on what he doing to Orville!
> I would love to have an Orville. I simply can't afford
> one. All of this got me thinking about Kyma again.
> It's a classic case of gear-slut rationalization.
> I slowly work myself up to possibly spend $2k on an
> Eclipse (but I really want the Orville!) & then
> realize that for ONLY $1k more I could have Kyma!
> Thank you, I feel better now.
> John
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